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Forte Prenestino

I returned this weekend from a whirlwind trip to 5 US cites plus Barcelona, and I’m doing a good job renewing my faith in Roma Caput Mundi.  How? Monday I biked around the Centro Storico, ran into good Romans everywhere and ignored the rude ones. Tuesday I biked out to the Forte Prenestino and met my students for whom I had arranged a visit to the squat/social center that has been self-governing since the mid 80s. Amazing. Yesterday I was in Testaccio/Ostiense at an aperitivo sponsered by ArtTribune and RomaEuropa, followed by a cheap dinner/aperitivo at Doppia 0.  Met some good people and saw the Rome that resists. And today, leading a walking tour focused on Bernini and Borromini, I saw again the city that I grew to love years back. Buried in tourists, corrupt politicians and automobiles, yes, but Rome nevertheless.  My desire to SAVE ROME is renewed!


Written by Tom Rankin

October 6, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Posted in Rome

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