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At the conference Our Future’s Past: Sustainable Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century where I presented a paper recently I was surprised to see a web address in a presentation of one of the other presenters.  The URL is Interestingly, I purchased this domain when I was working as President of the American Institute for Roman Culture, an organization I had co-founded.  At the time I was happy to forward traffic to the AIRC website from my domain but when I left my position there in 2008, I renewed my subscription to the domain but changed its forwarding address.

Shortly after doing so I was informed that someone had transferred ownership of the domain to the AIRC.  My requests to the Institute to return my domain were refused, not in itself a big issue, but their refusal to reimburse me the $239 I had paid in advance for a domain they continue to use seemed pretty low.

I didn’t think of it again until the other day when I saw the URL projected on a screen at this conference.  Since I paid for the domain renewal out of pocket, and the AIRC was (at the time at least) a recognized 501(c)3, shouldn’t I have received recognition for a donation in kind?


Written by Tom Rankin

November 27, 2011 at 7:36 pm

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